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Tomppaah's News

Posted by Tomppaah - October 26th, 2012


It's been some time since I worked on a project last.. What do you say, do I still "have it"?


This is a collaboration between me and three other people. I've "only" mixed and mastered it, and in the process of it I almost went crazy.. You see, I created this thread in the audio forum in which I told people I would master one of their tracks, and as a response I got the assignment to do both the mix AND the master to this tune I've now completed.

In the thread, I wrote that I had access to a pair of superb Genelecs at the school I'm currently attending. When I however tried to mix on these Genelecs, everything I did turned out, well, SHIT.. It sounded great on the Genelecs at the moment, but a s soon as I control listened to it on some other system, it sounded like a cat being dragged through a field of cactuses impaled by spears coated with habanero sauce...

So I decided to try doing a mix at home.. On my homebuilt Schneider speakers.. To my suprise I succeeded in making a better mix on the speakers at home than what I could achieve on the Genelecs at school. I think the studio environment I was in at school wasn't properly treated, that's honestly my only guess.. Genelecs are the shit, lol, I know that. I've *ALMOST* had a commercial release *I tell myself that ;)* by mixing something on a pair of Genelecs.

This is still something I'll have to investigate, because I can't give up on the Genelecs!

Please let us know how we did on the project! I almost went crazy in the process of mixing this, but I endured, and I'll still accept a mix/master assignment from if someone's in need of it.

Click the link, and make a comment, and SUBMIT that score!

Thank you!"

Posted by Tomppaah - August 31st, 2012


Started a new school, and hobby couple of weeks ago.

I've become really in to photography and media, and I think it'll fit quite well with my 7 years worth of experience with FL Studio and Cubase.

If you'd like to keep track of my photos visit my flickr account, because that'll be where I'll post my photos.

Thank you!



Oh, I've also started using photoshop and Illustrator now, so I'll maybe even be able to do some sigs and such for some of you in the future :).

Posted by Tomppaah - April 27th, 2012

Hmm.. Where to begin.

I guess I kinda disappeared from Newgrounds after my latest upload "A Child's Game" huh..

Well the reason for that was that I was starting school, a music school, which I had really been looking forward to go to and expand my abilities. I felt I had been stuck for a while, and I was thinking that going to school would help me get un-stuck again, and let me evolve my music. I thought to my self that my main focus point of being there would be to learn more about my DAW's, orchestration and composition, but sadly those were thoughts that were lost after a few months there.

The main focus from the SCHOOLS's point of view, was to teach us to perform. Stage performance and artist development was something I had absolutely no idea they were focused on, at least not in the line I applied for, and it was something I really didn't, and still don't, have any interest in, at ALL..

So after about 6 months I quit the school, leaving with only a slightly better understanding of music theory *I've had no education in this before what so ever, everything has been self-taught*, studio recording and playing the piano. I had taken out a student loan to be able to attend the school, and that had now been eaten up completely, so I felt I'd be forced to work it off before starting anything new. Money problems have kinda been an issue for me my whole life, but I've foun ways to manage. *read: escape in to music.*

I had to find a job quickly I felt. Having a loan hanging over your head would not be good in the long run, and since I quit the school midterm, all my benefits were cut off. I took the first job I could find, and to my surprise I got a job abroad.

I'm now sitting in a room in Dublin, Ireland, out of a job again, as things didn't work out. I sold all my studio equipment to be able to move here, and I haven't made any new music in about 3 months. The only thing I have left for making any sort of music is my laptop, and some very basic VSTs. My old, beautiful setup is gone, and I've felt that I've had to abandon music to be able to earn a living. Fuck that shit..

I'm returning home next week, in the hopes of finding a part time job so I'll be able to earn enough to both pay of my loans AND my myself a new setup at home. I've experienced one of my lowest point in life while being here in Ireland, but I can't give up. I'll have to start everything from scratch again, but for the sake my artistic soul not dying, I can't give up.

It might be a while before I'll be submitting any tracks that might be at par with my old ones. For the time being you'll probably hear a lot of MIDIish and 8-bitish music, as that's the only thing I have the equipment for to make at the moment, but I WILL get back to where I left off, that's a promise both to myelf and to you.

I'll stick around here more often now, as it's one of the few things I have to look forward to. To be able to upload new Orchestral tracks for you to listen to, that's what I want to return to. I can't just throw away 7 years of my life. Music IS my life now and I've come to realise that.

When times are tough, I just have to keep going, for the sake of the music.

Posted by Tomppaah - October 12th, 2011

Woah! A huge pile of thanks to the moderator that put my track "A Child's Game" in the weekly featured music list! :D Go check the track out, and I really hope you'll enjoy it!

Posted by Tomppaah - October 1st, 2011

I'm sorry I've been a little AFK these past weeks.

If there's anyone that would like to keep more in touch, or hear more about my music, feel free to add me on facebook:

Tommy Forsb├Ąck Facebook

I'm really looking forward to see what I'll come up with during my year at this school. I feel it's going to change a lot of things for me, for the better AND for worse. ;)

Posted by Tomppaah - August 5th, 2011

Well, the picture says it all I guess.

Here's where the magic happens! ;)

My little studio corner :>

Posted by Tomppaah - August 2nd, 2011

Episode two is now out! These guys do amazing work, and I'm so proud of having my music featured in their videos! :D Go check it out now!

This time, my latest track "A Child's Game" is used, as well as "Medieval Cowboys". :)

Posted by Tomppaah - July 31st, 2011

I'm proud to say, that my track "Medieval Cowboys" is heard in an AWESOME Minecraft video!" :D Check it out. It's hilarious!

Posted by Tomppaah - July 29th, 2011

This is just a video for those who'd like to see how my latest track "A Child's Game" looks like in Cubase. :)

I hope you guys enjoy this, and remember to vote/review accordingly if you do! Thank you! :D

Posted by Tomppaah - July 27th, 2011


In under a month I'll be starting school at a place called "Axxell", and I'm really looking forward to it!
The people and equipment there, oh wow, it really looks exciting. :D Below is a picture of ONE of the studios.

http://www.axxell.fi/images/stories/di verse/testbild.jpg

I haven't been this excited to go to school since... well EVER.

While were talking about music... I submitted a new track to the audio portal a couple of minutes ago! I'd love it if you'd go and take a listen.

Thank you! ;D
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /435789