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Check out my latest project!

2012-10-26 11:50:49 by Tomppaah


It's been some time since I worked on a project last.. What do you say, do I still "have it"?


This is a collaboration between me and three other people. I've "only" mixed and mastered it, and in the process of it I almost went crazy.. You see, I created this thread in the audio forum in which I told people I would master one of their tracks, and as a response I got the assignment to do both the mix AND the master to this tune I've now completed.

In the thread, I wrote that I had access to a pair of superb Genelecs at the school I'm currently attending. When I however tried to mix on these Genelecs, everything I did turned out, well, SHIT.. It sounded great on the Genelecs at the moment, but a s soon as I control listened to it on some other system, it sounded like a cat being dragged through a field of cactuses impaled by spears coated with habanero sauce...

So I decided to try doing a mix at home.. On my homebuilt Schneider speakers.. To my suprise I succeeded in making a better mix on the speakers at home than what I could achieve on the Genelecs at school. I think the studio environment I was in at school wasn't properly treated, that's honestly my only guess.. Genelecs are the shit, lol, I know that. I've *ALMOST* had a commercial release *I tell myself that ;)* by mixing something on a pair of Genelecs.

This is still something I'll have to investigate, because I can't give up on the Genelecs!

Please let us know how we did on the project! I almost went crazy in the process of mixing this, but I endured, and I'll still accept a mix/master assignment from if someone's in need of it.

Click the link, and make a comment, and SUBMIT that score!

Thank you!"


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