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So much new stuff to cover!

Posted by Tomppaah - June 13th, 2011

First of all, thank you ALL so very much for voting me in the Top 5 of the week! I love the bunch of you! "Medieval Cowboys" was my first tune to get this far, and I have you to thank! I never thought that this would happen right after I returned to newgrounds from a short/medium-length hiatus. :) Rest assured, that I'm here to stay for now! There'll be many, many, oh so many more tracks to be made still!

Second, and I've already kinda been here, done that, I'm 20 years old! Dangit, I think I feel the gray hairs growing.. It's weird being 20.. I mean, I don't actually feel any different being 20 years old, and that's the confusing part. Shouldn't I be like a grown up now? Oh well, sooner or later I guess I'll start noticing, and by then I'll be too weak to bitch about it.

Ok, so now I've run out of things to talk about, so I think I'll continue with the weather..
As some of you may, or may not now, I live in Finland. A common misconception people have about Finland, is that polar bears are freely roaming the streets of our towns, and that we live in a climate resembling the arctic pole. That's somewhat true during the winters (except the polar bears don't actually roam the streets as such, they just hang out at the local pub like the rest of the finns), but during the summer it's a completely different story.

For the past 6 days (through the mercy of Väinämöinen it cleared today) we've had the most outrageous weather! It's been roughly 100 degrees fahrenheit/ 35-38 degrees celsius, and not a drop of rain! This of course made all the Finns very happy, becouse now they didn't have to go to the trouble of lighting up their sauna for a quick sweat, they could just go outside and boil!
In the (presumably arctic) land of Finland, this has indeed been a very good week, not to mention hot, sweaty and sticky.

That's enough of that..

I actually have one more thing to mention.. 2 days ago I received a letter informing me that I got in to the music-school I applied to!" Dear lord! I'm actually going to enjoy going to school this time around! Oh joy, how I can't wait until August 22. Gotta keep busy until then though.. I have to apply for a student loan/an apartment/move all my stuff etc.

It's so going to be worth it!


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