2009-09-17 07:49:43 by Tomppaah

Then I can concentrate on what's REALLY important in my life.. MUSIC!

For those who care - mom if you're reading this get off the internet - I'm going to apply to a music school in Sweden after i graduate. I think i'd really love it in a place like that. Nothing beats doing what you really want to do..

I hope the rest of the year will be fun, and i REALLY hope that I'll graduate. Shit, I hadn't thought of that...

Anyway.. My life was never the same after i discovered music, and it all has worked out for the better so far...


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2009-09-17 10:51:46

Sun, sorry for saying this, but i don't think you should seek your career in the music business. Not that i don't think you don't have talent, but there are so many other people with the same or maybe even more talent.
Of course, it is your own decision and your own life, but please listen to my advice.

With love,
Your mother.

Tomppaah responds:

Aren't moms supposed to be supportive? :S I hate you, you're the worst mother ever..


2009-09-17 10:53:41

Sorry, that sentence needed to be:
''Not that i think you don't have any talent...''


Tomppaah responds:

Lol dude.. Making a NG account JUST for that?